Barcode scanning & Financial inventories

Barcode scanning & Financial inventories

Correct software Inventory Quantities. Reduce Shrink. Calculate Profit/Loss. Transfer Ownership

Fixed and Capital Asset Inventories

Fixed and Capital Asset Inventories

Control Costs. Reduce Property Taxes. Determine proper Insurance Coverage

Home & Personal Property Inventories

Home & Personal Property Inventories

and Probate Estate audits with Asset Photo & Videography services. Secure your Valuables

Retail, Healthcare, Industrial

Retail, Healthcare, Industrial

and Education. There's no inventory we can't count!

Local, State & Federal Government

Local, State & Federal Government

Are you tracking Fixed Assets, Vehicles, Equipment and Consumables?

Cutting Edge Inventory Services

Cutting Edge Inventory Services

Software and Systems

POS & Tracking Systems

POS & Tracking Systems

Built To Order. Hardware, Software and Peripherals. Shop our products store Today!

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We are a full service inventory management company with 30 years of experience. Inventory assets typically represent 45-90% of a companies expenses. Not controlling them correctly can be financially fatal. When controlled properly you balance inventory levels in proportion to demand, minimize shrink, reduce stock-outs, overstock & markdowns that erode profits and paralyze cashflow. You learn your product cycles, lead times, order points and ensure accurate, timely tracking and accounting.


Get a quote today or schedule a consultation! We can count your inventory and if desired customize a profitable inventory control plan & software system for your business.

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How to find the right inventory system!

1. What types of products and quantities do you need to track? Your system should be tailored to your needs. What products do you carry & in what volume? It may mean focusing on expiration dates for perishable items, limited supply parts, or profitable seasonal items. You’ll need to plan accordingly for the annual ebbs and flows while monitoring your supply chain management.

2. What features are needed to manage your inventory? Do you have items in multiple warehouses or stock rooms? Are categorizations & security features required? Will you need cloud commerce solutions, and how will these affect your business? Consider current & future possibilities.

3. What is your budget for an inventory control system?  Calculate everything needed now & for the future, including training, hardware and software expenses. Compare those costs to the time and expense it will take to complete projects using the system. Analyze your estimated return on investment (ROI) from reduced man-hours, carrying costs, and projected increase in customers. Then make a decision!

Are you tracking your inventory &      monitoring your success? Call today and see our Products line for affordable hardware & software tracking solutions.



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  • Monthly  cycle counts @ a 25% discount

  • 3-Month cycle counts @ a 20% discount

  • 4-Month cycle counts @ a 15% discount

  • 6-Month cycle counts @ a 10% discount

Cycle counts done on schedule @ a discount!


Total inventory cycle counts VS Typical?


By tracking and monitoring inventory on a frequent & structured basis a company can significantly improve the accuracy of its inventory quantities and financial reporting. The consistent monitoring of management will keep employees honest and reduce theft & other forms of shrink. It results in better decision making about reorder points, out of stock inventory and excess inventory. It can help you to locate items & depts of high discrepancy and then determine the cause in time to prevent thousands of dollars in lost profit.