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Professionalism - Service Quality - Affordability

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We are a full service inventory management company with 28 years of experience. Inventory assets typically represent 45-90% of a companies expenses. Not controlling them correctly can be financially fatal. When controlled properly you balance inventory levels in proportion to demand, minimize shrink, reduce stock-outs, overstock & markdowns that erode profits and paralyze cashflow. You learn your product cycles, lead times, order points and ensure accurate, timely tracking and accounting.


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 Shrinkage is divided into employee theft (43.7%), shoplifting (32.6%), administrative error (12.9%) and vendor fraud (5.4%). The remaining shrinkage resulted from unknown causes.

Companies indicated that 18.7% of employee theft involved collusion between internal and external sources.

Often inventory losses can be traced to one or more of the following: employee theft, shoplifting, fraud, vendor theft and accounting errors. Identifying the origin of the loss—whether it’s waste, breakage or theft—can be harder than implementing a solution


 Alleviating shoplifting can be accomplished with a distinct floor layout. “The cash registers and the exit should be synonymous to each other, or in other words, the register should be by the exit, so you want to funnel your customers as they leave, in one little zone,” Moraca said. “And that’s where you certainly want to have your good close-circuit TVs, so you can capture what happens at the register. Most events in a convenience store, robberies, take place within seven feet of the register.”

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Is your profit margin shrinking? Our Shrink & Loss monitoring service can help!

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  • Monthly  cycle counts @ a 25% discount

  • 2-Month cycle counts @ a 20% discount

  • 3-Month cycle counts @ a 15% discount

  • 6-Month cycle counts @ a 10% discount


Total inventory cycle counts grow profits!


By tracking and monitoring inventory on a frequent & structured basis a company can significantly improve the accuracy of its inventory quantities and financial reporting. The consistent monitoring of management will keep employees honest and reduce theft & other forms of shrink. It results in better decision making about reorder points, out of stock inventory and excess inventory. It can help you to locate items & depts of high discrepancy and then determine the cause in time to prevent thousands of dollars in lost profit. 

We'll perform your cycle counts on schedule and at a discounted price;