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Barcode scanning & Financial inventories

Barcode scanning & Financial inventories

Correct software Inventory Quantities. Reduce Shrink. Calculate Profit/Loss. Transfer Ownership

Fixed and Capital Asset Inventories

Fixed and Capital Asset Inventories

Control Costs. Reduce Property Taxes. Determine proper Insurance Coverage

Home & Personal Property Inventories

Home & Personal Property Inventories

and Probate Estate audits with Asset Photo & Videography services. Secure your Valuables

Retail, Healthcare, Industrial

Retail, Healthcare, Industrial

and Education. There's no inventory we can't count!

Local, State & Federal Government

Local, State & Federal Government

Are you tracking Fixed Assets, Vehicles, Equipment and Consumables?

Cutting Edge Inventory Services

Cutting Edge Inventory Services

Software and Systems

POS & Tracking Systems

POS & Tracking Systems

Built To Order. Hardware, Software and Peripherals. Shop our products store Today!

Serving MD, DC, VA, WV, PA, NJ and DE since 1998

Professionalism - Service Quality - Affordability

Expert Inventory Professionals


We are a full service inventory management company with 30 years of experience. Inventory assets typically represent 45-90% of a companies expenses. Not controlling them correctly can be financially fatal. When controlled properly you balance inventory levels in proportion to demand, minimize shrink, reduce stock-outs, overstock & markdowns that erode profits and paralyze cashflow. You learn your product cycles, lead times, order points and ensure accurate, timely tracking and accounting.


Get a quote today or schedule a consultation! We can count your inventory and if desired customize a profitable inventory control plan & software system for your business.

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How do you set par inventory levels in a bar? 


Here's the formula for par stock:

Par Level = (Average Inventory Usage + Safety Stock) / Number of Deliveries per Time Period.

Here is how to use the par value formula to determine par level.

Step 1

First, consider historical usage. In setting the par level for a specific vodka bottle, look at your bar’s past usage and note that you used 400 vodka bottles over a period of 3 months.

Step 2

Then calculate average usage. Divide the total number of bottles used in a period of time over the number of months. You'll get the number of bottles that your bar uses per month. In our example, 400 vodka bottles divided by 3 months is 133 bottles per month.


Are you tracking your inventory &      monitoring your success? Call today and see our Products line for affordable hardware & software tracking solutions.


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Our Services

Profit margin shrinking? Our Shrink & Loss monitoring service can help!

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  • Monthly  cycle counts @ a 25% discount

  • 3-Month cycle counts @ a 20% discount

  • 4-Month cycle counts @ a 15% discount

  • 6-Month cycle counts @ a 10% discount

Cycle counts done on schedule @ a discount!


Total inventory cycle counts VS Typical?


By tracking and monitoring inventory on a frequent & structured basis a company can significantly improve the accuracy of its inventory quantities and financial reporting. The consistent monitoring of management will keep employees honest and reduce theft & other forms of shrink. It results in better decision making about reorder points, out of stock inventory and excess inventory. It can help you to locate items & depts of high discrepancy and then determine the cause in time to prevent thousands of dollars in lost profit. 

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