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Professionalism - Service Quality - Affordability

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We are a full service inventory management company with 28 years of experience. Inventory assets typically represent 45-90% of a companies expenses. Not controlling them correctly can be financially fatal. When controlled properly you balance inventory levels in proportion to demand, minimize shrink, reduce stock-outs, overstock & markdowns that erode profits and paralyze cashflow. You learn your product cycles, lead times, order points and ensure accurate, timely tracking and accounting.


Get a quote today or schedule a consultation! We can count your inventory and if desired customize a profitable inventory control plan & software system for your business.

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What are the Benefits of using License Plate numbers (LPN's) for warehouse inventory? 


License plating in the food supply chain refers to how inventory items are tracked throughout the warehouse environment. A license plate is a unique number assigned to each containment unit, which allows for better grouping and management of inventory. This, in turn, helps businesses in the food supply chain greatly improve operational efficiency by reducing the number of scans required to enter a transaction.

License plates are defined for different types of containers such as bins, totes, or railcars, though the term is most commonly  used for pallets. The pallet becomes its own license plate record. the information about the items inside can be detected with one single barcode scan. With license plates, a lot of different information can be grouped with a license plate such as:

  • Item

  • Quantity

  • Serial number

  • Manufacture date

  • Expiration date

  • Lot number

  • Location;

  • and more.

Are you tracking your inventory &      monitoring your success? Please call today and see our Products line for affordable options.

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your price was affordable, the count was accurate and I will use your services again.

Ebony - Baltimore MD

February 13, 2020

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Is your profit margin shrinking? Our Shrink & Loss monitoring service can help!

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  • Monthly  cycle counts @ a 25% discount

  • 2-Month cycle counts @ a 20% discount

  • 3-Month cycle counts @ a 15% discount

  • 6-Month cycle counts @ a 10% discount


Total inventory cycle counts grow profits!


By tracking and monitoring inventory on a frequent & structured basis a company can significantly improve the accuracy of its inventory quantities and financial reporting. The consistent monitoring of management will keep employees honest and reduce theft & other forms of shrink. It results in better decision making about reorder points, out of stock inventory and excess inventory. It can help you to locate items & depts of high discrepancy and then determine the cause in time to prevent thousands of dollars in lost profit. 

We'll perform your cycle counts on schedule and at a discounted price;