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Regular prices can be reduced by 10%-25% with a Multi-Site or        

Cycle Count Inventory Contract. We offer the below physical inventory services; 

  •  SKU-Barcode item-level inventories                                                          

  •  Fixed & Capital Asset Inventories

  •  Home / Personal property inventories 

  •  Financial Inventories

  •  Property appraisals/valuations

  •  Inventory control management & consultation 

  •  Price Book Set-up for initial database population 

  •  Shrink & Loss monitoring services

  •  Cycle counts on specific products & vendor lines

  •  Total inventory Cycle Counts

  •  Point of sale system quantity corrections/updates

  •  Point of sale & item/shelf price verification 

  •  Barcode labeling services

  •  Transfer of ownership/management audits

  •  Out of stock reporting  

  •  Temporary auditors for contract hire

  •  Inventory reconciliation services ( I.R.S )

  •  Pre- Inventory preparation services

  •  Hybrid Financial-Sku inventory ( HFSI ) - Financial cost reporting from a SKU validation file not by margin.       Cheaper than a full SKU audit. More accurate than cost conversion by averaged margins.

  •  Financial-SKU integrated inventory ( FSII ) - A Financial inventory with full SKU itemized reporting only on  targeted depts. Pay extra for select depts only. Priced lower than a full SKU audit.



Over 200 reports give diverse angles and analysis of your inventory. Softcopy inventory data in

     CSV, Excel or other formats allow you to import the results into tracking software.

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