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Quality Control Reports

Typical cycle counting vs Total inventory cycle counting?

By tracking and monitoring inventory on a frequent & structured basis a company can significantly improve the accuracy of its inventory quantities and financial reporting. Consistent monitoring by management will keep employees honest and reduce theft & other forms of shrink. It results in better decision making about reorder points, out of stock inventory and excess inventory. It can help to locate items & depts of high discrepancy and determine the cause in time to prevent thousands of dollars in lost profit. 

A typical cycle count has value for the reasons described above. However, It is often too burdensome and costly to pay overtime to staffers to do a full audit or lose money to shut-down for every cycle. Also employees lack the experience, training and data collection equipment to produce ideal results and meet your objectives.


Thus, the primary benefit of a total inventory cycle count is that you get accurate data on ALL merchandise at the same time. Typical cycle counts give an incomplete picture and snapshot on a small amount of the inventory overall. Most businesses strive to count within the year the top 20% of their total supplies. Depending on the frequency, totality and consistency of your cycle counts many items lost to theft, waste, mistakes or mis-mangement may be detected too late to prevent thousands of dollars in lost profit.


We can perform typical cycle counts on select vendor lines or a complete inventory audit while open for business with no or minimal assistance from your staff. They can continue with their normal duties while we work. We also work on weekends & offer a variety of large discounts based on the frequency of your cycle. 70%-84% of company losses are due to employee theft. Trained, objective, professional auditors with state of the art equipment & nothing to hide will get better results. 




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